Islamic University was founded in Mogadishu on the 5th Rajab 1422 Hegira, corresponding to 22nd /9/2001 AD by the hands of the constellation dignified Somali intellectuals, under the vacuum of the Somalia central government and the collapse of all educational institutions, a thing that necessitated on nations’ jealous sons to a make any effort to easiest the pains of the Somalia people, and carryout some responsibilities to save the stricken nation from deterioration in the edge of illiteracy and ignorance, both were the causes of internal conflicts.


Over the past 15 years, the university has provided the outstanding higher education service to the Somalia children, where so far the university has graduated 10 batches from the various fields, and these graduates have worked in different fields like the education, social, economic and other fields needed by the Somali community in this difficult circumstance.


Despite the university’s modest ability it played a role it is possible to play it, in supporting the students in the schools and the university education to enables them to continue their studies in this critical circumstances, and to serve to the Somali community in terms of education, awareness and providing social services to out the nation from this crisis.


During that period the university has provided great valuable scientific services to the community as generally and to the student as particularly, who comes to reap its benefits, and it is become a civilized landmark and a unique example to emulate in the academic field, and source that founts a great human minds that mantled a high ambition in spreading the noble values of the Islamic religion. The graduates of this university – praise to God- are mentioned by the fingers for their playing an active role in the various aspects of the life, in the education, social, economic, political and the judicial fields.