The faculty of Sharia was opened in the 2001, 2002 AD academic year, the faculty specializes in the teaching of Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic studies, Quran and Sunnah sciences, and awards a bachelor degree in the following fields:-

1.  Islamic jurisprudence

2.  Quran and Sunnah

3.  Hadith and its sciences

4.  Holly Quran and its Sciences


Faculty objectives:-


The objectives of this Faculty are as the follows:-

1.  Contribution in the student’s personality construction to build him as integrated and balanced person in accordance to the Islamic perception.

2.  Teaching the students to deal with the assets of the Holly Quran, recitation, understanding and applying.

3.   Supplying a dealing methodology to the students to deal with the Sunnah and its sciences, understanding and applying.

4.  Students jurisprudence owner development, so that, they can able to understand the scholars old views and to deal with contemporary jurisprudence issues.

5.  Teaching students the jurisprudence assets and its overall rules, and the Sharia purposes, so that, they can able to devise a legal provisions.

6.  Developing the scientific capacities of the faculty members and their scientific research performance.

7.  Activating the scientific research in its multiple fields.